Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chinese Mee Goreng华人印度面@ Penang Burma Road

For a long time I did not visit this coffee shop since I move away from my old house, I remember the last time I visit here is about 2002. That time I still not yet start my blog and I think I forgoten how the taste is like. Just remember my friend told me that the Indian Mee here and the Wan Tan Mee here are famous.

Now I repay a visit to this coffee shop located at Burma Road before my Salsa calss. The coffee shop name Golden City Coffee Shop (Beside New World Park).

This Indian Mee was not friend by Indian or Mamak, it was fried by a Chinese lady, So the name of this stall also nwriten in Mandarin: 华人印度面。(Chinese Indian Mee Goreng).

1st, I ordered the Indian Mee Goreng and then waited the mee to be served. When the Mee Goreng served to my table,
I look at it and: wow... so small the portion... I think I need to eat 2 plate...
then stall helper said: RM4.00.
Me thinking: ??!! RM4.00 so small plate... haiz... pay lar...

Then I start to taste this Indian Mee Gogeng "carefully" as i really no memory how the taste is like back to 2002 when my friend ask me to eat here...
Ingredient: Tao Kua (bean Curd), Sotong, crush peanut, potato, friend Indian Kuih, Tao Geh, egg.
The color not attractive before eat, the smell also not as aromatic as "legend"... the mee goreng taste not so special, but it also added some sotong in it, the sotong are bit too sweet. Also to remind aunt, adding egg doesn't mean you need to add in the egg shell... >.<" I get every bite with egg shell in my mouth... Portion too samll for a man, but is ok for a lady to eat for snak... I really hope aunt can improve for the way she "goreng people"... RM4.00 for a small plate of mee goreng is cut-throat action do you think so? As I also order a 1 1/2 portion of Wan Tan Mee, the Wan Tan Mee just cost me RM3.40...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cockroach "Likes" KFC too! - 小强惊现KFC快餐店。

Location: Sunway Carnival Mall, Seberang Perai, underground level, KFC outlet. 
 Red alert for the hygiene in this KFC outlet. I just piss off when saw this cockroach running around and disturb my dinner time... :(  I ask the worker take it off... but what really upset me is the worker of this ourlet say in Malay: Biasa lah tu! (this is normal to see a crockroach in here!) He not even say a sorry but what the best he can say is this?? WTF!

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Then I say: Haha... this is what you can say after get rid of the evidence is it? too late... I already record it in my handphone... then I walk off...

当我看见这一只蟑螂到处溜时,我的毛孔站立了起来,我本不怕蟑螂,可是真的担心它和我抢晚餐吃。。。我把它拍了下来,过后叫工作人员处理了它。可恶的是工作人员不但没有道歉还说:Biasa lah  tu! (这很平常的啦!)



Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kimberly Street Instant Cook Koay Teow Tng 檳城好吃- 汕头街现煮粿條湯。

Kimberly Street Instant Cook Koay Teow Tng 檳城好吃- 汕头街现煮粿條湯。
This Koay Teow Tng are not the ordinary Koay Teow Tng which you eat at Kimberly Street, where they sell at night and use a duck meat one.... no no no.... not that Koay Teow Tng mention, this Koay Teow Tng are the instant cook type Koay Teow Tng, located at Seng Thor Hotel coffee shop (please refer to google map for actual location).

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This Koay Teow Tng uncle use mince pork, as main ingredient, and the mince pork he use some (冬菜) preserved vegetable in it to add salty flavor.

The soup he use is a chicken soup. To add more taste to the Koay Teow Tng, he add pork liver, slice pork and fishball into the soup to boil it together with all other ingredient.

Price @ RM3.50/ bowl.

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According to the uncle, he has been selling Koay Teow Tng for the pass 30 years here, business hour start from 7.30am to 2.30pm every day except Sunday.

当各位听到汕头街粿條湯时, 一定想起了鸭肉粿條湯吧?错了,这是汕头街现煮粿條湯!






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Monday, May 17, 2010

Machalister Road Fried Oyster- Oh Chian

I found this fried oyster cos one of my friend bring me there and ask me try it.

This are the picture I took from the coffee shop.

The location of Yee Loo coffee shop are located at:

View Lorong Selamat Fried Oyster- Yee Loo cofee shop in a larger map
Advertisement: Cheesy cheese cake for order, home made, 3 days in advanced, Penang area only, RM45.00 for 1KG cheese cake. Please go to our website for order

This are the legendary fried oyster. It taste dried, not like the normal fried oyster, too oily (soak in the oil). Not too salty as well, just nice. The oyster and egg are nicely blend together, normal fried oyster are just a bunch of flour and eggs, normal fried oyster you can say it's just fried egg, haha.. The fresh from the sea and the fragrance of the egg are perfectly match together. I really don't know what to describe for this one, you will only know it when you tried yourself.

Taste: 8/10 stars
Cleanliness: 7/10 stars
Service of coffee shop: Fast.
Price: of food: High ( RM6, RM8, RM10, RM12) as normal a meal are just RM2.80-RM3.50
Friendliness: 6/10 stars
Overall cleanliness of the coffee shop: 8/10 stars
Restroom Cleanliness: 6/10 stars, to be improve.
Price vs Food: Reasonable, this is not recommended as main course but as side dishes.

Small story: While I am going with my friend, she drop her bluetooth there and when we went to take our car at the car park and she realize she missing her bluetooth, I went back to the coffee shop counter asking, the staff gave it back to me.

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Harvest In Cafe

I heard friend said there is a nice and cozy place name Harvest In Cafe nearby, so I give it a try and went to the above cafe for nice food.

This was an old style of building structure, the outer wall of the building was build with the technique name: Kara-soh in the local, meaning the wall was wipe with small stone like rice on the outer layer of the wall before the cement dried, and they have to use a wet sponge to wash off the extra cement... so it will left the stone rice to protect the wall. Basically not hard to sees such building in Penang Island. As the wall are grey in colour. You no need to furnish it with paint. This was the classical building during the 1960s.

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I love to sit beside the building somewhere near the Bamboo tree, it will be more windy and feel lazy there... haha.. enough for the restaurant information, let's start with the food... :)

Spaghetti RM13.90
This is a spaghetti with white cream base. Creamy taste, not the one tomato paste found on the market. If you love the cheesy and creamy taste of the pasta, you can try it. The portion are not so large, just nice for a girls, for guys, I don't recommend unless you took something else at home before come here. Or you can order some side dishes.

Bombay Chicken RM? (forgot)
Tenderly cook chicken hip. Boneless chicken grilled with hot and spicy Bombay sauce, wedges and daily vegetables... this is what wrote on the menu... but the sauce are a bit less, for local people, most of them love to "dip" their food in tomato or chili sauce, they are use to the "a lot of sauce" culture. This dishes are perfectly match with any white wine.

Chicken Tikka Massala
Boneless chicken grilled with marinate curry spices. Dishes are come with buttered rice. Like most Asian food, the rice are a common side dishes. If you love the taste of curry spices, you can try this one.

The interior design of the restaurant. Simple and cozy. Observed the wall deco (White and black tree) are made from glass.

Soup of the day.
Normal tomato soup. Just the presentation of the soup are better and creative.

Time of dining should not more than 8pm, if not, you end up waiting for seat outside the restaurant. This is what happen when time are 8.15pm.

Fried Chicken Hip RM14.90
Crispy fried chicken hip with bread crumb. Dishes come with smash potato. Not much special for this dishes.
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View Harvest In Cafe in a larger map

Location: Irrawaddy Road, Penang
10. Irrawaddy Road, 10050, Penang.

Cuisine: Western, Asian, Pork Free.

Call: 04-2261718

Price lunch menu, main meals start from RM7.90 onwards.
dinner for main meals start from RM9.90 onwards, pay an extra of RM4.90 for soup, drink AND dessert.
Grilled Almond Fish (RM19.80), Honey Mustard Chicken (RM13.90), Hungarian Spicy Chicken (RM14.90)
*add a RM4.90 to get a set meal with drinks, soup of the day and dessert.

Suggestion: Call to the Harvest In Cafe for reservation. It will be crowded with customer after 8.30pm.


Taste: 9/10 stars
Cleanliness: 9/10 stars
Service speed: Very Fast.
Price: of food: Variety choice and range. ( RM9.90- RM15.90)
Friendliness: 7/10 stars (maybe too busy taking ordering and short handed, some staff still will chat with you friendly)
Overall cleanliness of the coffee shop: 8/10 stars
Restroom Cleanliness: 8/10 stars.
Price vs Food vs Environment. Valued for money.

Extras: Bring you own wine and there will be no corkage charge. Wine glass provided and can ask for chilling your wine service. This is a splendid attractive point I went there 3 times

De Terro Lafio- Merlot please visit our website for order wine or click here.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant - A Tast Affair from Korea

Penang has few Korean restaurant, Daorae BBQ Restaurant- Tanjung Tokong is a chain of fancies restaurant from Korea.Daorae, when I 1st heard this name I tough it was a Japanese restaurant. But I was wrong, it was Korean restaurant.
Main Entrance.
Daorae Reception.

The 1st impression when you walk in this restaurant, it give you the feeling of: nice interior design, just the design itself was a splendid design, it really deliver the feeling of a Korean work of art. I was impressed. Cozy Design before customer sit in.
After customer sit in.

The Wall.
And as you can observed, all of the worker from Daorae are imported, not from Bangladesh or Indonesia, but was from Korea! From the Manager, Captain, Chef to the waiter. There was no waitress here, not even one as I can see, haha.. maybe hiding in the kitchen? Who knows?
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BBQ Air Duct.
The 2nd things for eye catching was the air duct, it was design for the air ventilation when you do the BBQ "indoor". It used the counterweight system, it can be pull down and fold up after the BBQ. As we all know, the mist of the oil will flying around and mess up all the seat and table, included the interior design. It is also a hard maintenance for cleaning up the oil mist. You don't wan to mess up with those would you? haha...
Place where I sit in the VIP room..
Later 15min become... :p beside me this old couple are Korean!

Ok, enough on the interior, let's talk about the food here. As we all know Korean love beef, yeah, right, it's beef, and pork, the main ingredient were beef.. a small reminder my friend, for this restaurant, you must at least order 2 set and the waiter will help you prepare the BBQ in front of you. If not, they will cook the BBQ inside the kitchen and then served to your table.
BBQ Beef with all the small side dishes rounding it.
And the 2nd this is pork, so for those don't like beef or pork, it can skip out from your menu.
BBQ Pork.

All of the BBQ set were come with the small dishes, and served with lettuce (生菜), you can roll the beef/ pork, add some the side dishes and eat it.
Beef in process.
The soup, a bit spicy...
The set come with free soup, basically you no need to order soup already, unless you not enough with the one bowl of free soup, then you can order one extra for yourself.
The drink- FREE.
The drink is a tea, but this one is a kind of malt taste tea, not some green tea or some normal tea, the taste is a mild taste of malt, but still acceptable. For those love alcohol, you might try some Soju, the Korean rice wine with the beef.

Ok, like usual, after talk on the food and environment... we talk on the service and cleanliness. The restaurant are not bad, waiter are efficiency on the cleaning job and the service are good. These are my rating for them:

Food presentation: 8/10 stars
Food taste: 7/10 stars
Service of the waiter: 8/10 stars
Friendliness: 5/10 stars, need to be improve.
Overall cleanliness of the restaurant: 8/10 stars
Restroom Cleanliness: 8/10 stars
Price vs Food: Reasonable, 2 person dine in would be around RM80-RM100

If you still wan to try something different and no issue with your wallet, here are the contact for Daorae Tanjung Tokong. My advise for you, make reservation and go earlier, you will find the small car park full if you go at dinner time.

View Dao Rea Tanjung Tokong in a larger map

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant Tanjung Tokong
104&104A Jalan Tanjung Tokong,
10470 Tanjung Tokong.
(Just next to Petronas Station at Tanjung Tokong).
Phone: +604-8913 616

Another branch located at the Bayan Point.
Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant Bayan Point
15-2-G, 2-1 & 2-2 Bayan Point
Medan Kg. Relau
11900 Penang
Phone: +604-6402 616

Once again, I am Steve Chor, go there explore yourself about this Korean BBQ restaurant... thank you for reading my blog and happy dining. Leave me some comment. :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sushi King at Perangin Mall, Penang

Penang, alot of good food, a lot of cars, a lot of hotels, beaches, shopping complex... and a lot of fast food too.

But if you are saying to have a dinner here, I think I can write this blog until I retired for good food.

So, I have decide not to write some "where to eat" in Penang like other blogger did. But I will write that "if you dine there, you gonna get a heart attack.


However, if you trying to dump your boyfriend/ dump your girlfriend or trying to fix someone up... try this one.. good idea!

Penang Perangin Mall Sushi King give you the above service FREE of charge!
This has awarded for the "Looser Restraunt of 2009" from Penang Hochiak. A lot of our member have made official complain via phone, via e-mail etc to Sushi King for the above mention outlet... but human nature mah~... they just cannot change the attitude problem.. and a lot of my friend also complain to me verbally.

On 16th Dec 2009, I have made a visit to the Sushi King. And I made the order like normal, and when the waitress asked me what I wan for a drink, I said, "Ocha" (Japanese Green Tea), but please make it ticker and I don't wan it tasteless like USUALLY.

When my food and my Ocha arrived, everything was great (so so nia..) I won't visit this Sushi King if Im not rush for my movie..

When I take half glass of my Ocha, one Malay lady waitress come over and pour a full cup for my friend, as she wan to pour for me, I stop her, and I tell her that the Ocha are turning a bit brown.. and I saw the colour of the Ocha was so light, and I wan the Malay lady to make a new Ocha for me.

After 1 minute, another Malay Lady (tryin to act like Supervisor...) come to me and ask: What you wan sir?

Me: I wan a new Ocha cos the Ocha your staff trying to pour for me is almost tasteless..

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"Super- Visor": Emm... That one is a new Ocha, Sir."

Me: If new, how come tasteless?

Super-Visor: ALL tea are "TASTELESS", SIR! ( The sound of the SIR sound a bit scary this time.)

Myself thinking: What on earth are you talking about???!! Tea are TASTELESS?
Then I said this to her: IF, Tea are TASTELESS, then bring me a warm water....(I think my voice can be heard by nearby 5 table......
I stare back to her.. and she stunt there... as she never tough that I answer this.

After saying this, I said again: Come closer lady, I teach you how to know the tea are New or using for few times already... I think Sushi King did not teach you how to "buncho" (mix or prepare tea in Malay) your green tea or Ocha in Japanese language ...

I took my friend's cup, put it beside with mine, and show her, if a teabag are use for more than 30min, the tea is like my friend's tea... looks just a little bit brown colour... if new one, this is the left over in my cup, still green... so, don't tell me this is "NEW" ok??!!!.

Lastly, the best part... she walk away... stand in the corner, trying to show me her ATTITUDE and don't wan to serve me anymore.. and the lady who pour me the tea just now come and pour me a new cup of fresh Ocha Tea... and I ask her is that your Super Visor? she say no... hahaha... Now I know Perangin Mall Shushi King worker got an attitude problem... tough I heard many of my friend complain this, today myself seen it with my naked eyes.

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Is this the way Sushi king treat all customer? Or this is the new culture of Japanese treat people? I remember Japanese are polite and humble people... but how they train this local Malay people act so rude to customer?

I really do hope the boss of Shushi King can read my blog and improve the system for their worker when training.